Slyyy from He pushes her to knees and frog ties her legs

21 Sep 2023
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Tall busty dominatrix Slyyy waits for her next client to arrive. The thought of dominating, humiliating and tormenting her client was getting her wet so she warmed up with her vibrator on her pussy. She calls out "come in slave" to the knock on the door but instead it is me the head domme in town and my henchmen. Arrogant Slyyy laughs at us and demands that we leave. Slyyy curses us and argues telling us that she can do as she pleases and there is nothing I can do to stop her. I tell Jim to pull out his piece and soon the haughty bitch strips off all her clothing. Once we have her completely naked Jim begins to rope her up as I grope and manhandle her big tits. Slyyy struggles but my henchman is too strong - he pushes her to her knees and frog ties her long legs. Slyyy is still defiant as he slams her elbows together behind her back.