You want your conniving stepmother by BettieBondage

16 Jun 2023
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Your step-father's passing was sudden and unexpected, and in the midst of your grief, you find your stepmother paying more and more attention to you. Maybe she just needs someone to share her sadness... but no. She's wearing all the outfits that most distract and excite you. She's batting her long dark eyelashes your way. She's gunning for you. She wants you... to sign over all your rights to the family estate. For a night alone, with her. This can't possibly be happening, but you know it is. And you know there's no stopping it - you've wanted your evil, conniving stepmother and her sexy body for years. You'd do anything to have her, even signing away your inheritance, letting her have everything. Even knowing that she likely had a hand in your your step-father's untimely passing. Everything laid right in the open, your step-mother in her silky low cut gown, and you choose to give her everything. You can't help but let her have everything, just to feel the silky smoothness of her dress, of her body against you...