Bound and Gagged: The Nightmare that Awaited girl and her Step-Mother

13 Nov 2023
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Upon returning home from a day out, Slyyy was in for a shock when she found her step-mother bound and gagged on the sofa, struggling to break free. The worst was yet to come, as the intruder made her strip naked and bind her elbows together before forcing a massive ball gag into her mouth and yanking a crotch rope tightly into her bare and unprotected pussy. Slyyy was then ordered to remain bound and gagged as the assailant wrapped electrical tape around her mother's already brutal gag before pulling her tits out of her blouse. The pair struggled violently, but their efforts were futile as they were hogtied into near immobility, with medical bandage and tape being used to punish Slyyy for disobeying the intruder's commands. As delicious as the pair looked whimpering into their ropes and gags, the intruder left them to thrash in their bondage, having other places to be. The girls were definitely going to miss their appointments, but that was the least of their worries.