Mommy Unleashed

18 Mar 2024
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Mommy's family is well... weird, fucked up. She grew up in the most unconventional way.. and loved every second of it. When she fell pregnant with you, her only son.. she decided enough was enough and left it all behind to give you the best life possible. Over time, she convinced herself that all of her past was wrong.. never to be indulged in again. She married a man, who raised you as his own.. and Mommy kept strong for her family. Her greatest relief is that you turned out normal and avoided the depraved curse of the family... or so she thought. Now you're getting older.. you lust after your mother in a way you didn't know possible.. you're pushing for Mommy to give in and let you have a taste of the taboo... but do you really want to unleash Mommy's past? Will your cock be able to take it?