Jealous Mommy Ties You Up

24 Mar 2024
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You've just come back from a break at college, you wake up and your hands and feet are tied to the bed, and you're naked! You try and pull at the ropes, and mommy walks in. She tries to calm you down, and explains why she has tied you up. She's jealous, you've been spending so much time partying, talking about girls at college, and watching porn at home. Mommy feels left out, she misses you so much, and the only way to get your attention is to tie you up. Mommy gives you kisses to reassure you, and notices your cock twitching, are you getting hard from mommies kisses? Mommy decides to help you with your growing cock, and gives you a handjob, blow job and finally riding your cock until you reluctantly cum inside her pussy.