Jennifer Cherry - A failed seduction part 1

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Jennifer Cherry - A failed seduction part 1

Want clip A failed seduction part 1 featuring Jennifer Cherry

On the phone with her girlfriend, Jennifer is dressed in a barely-there lingerie outfit to try to seduce her boyfriend into not giving her the long bare bottom spanking he made her come home early to receive for telling him to "go fuck himself" on the phone. As he walks in, Jennifer greets her boyfriend with a kiss and strut, only to be led immediately to the living room. As she protests, Kyle takes her over his knee and begins spanking her nearly-bare butt as she squirms and pleads and tries to act cute. Her lovely pert bubble butt is spanked red again and again as his hand blisters her sexy little fanny. Face shots, butt shots and body shots fill this hard to resist video, as the bratty pouty girl is finally given the good old fashioned spanking no one else had ever been able to give her.

Jennifer Cherry
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