Jennifer Cherry - A failed seduction part 2

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Jennifer Cherry - A failed seduction part 2

Want clip A failed seduction part 2 featuring Jennifer Cherry

Jennifer was spanked earlier in the afternoon for cussing out her strict dominant new boyfriend Kyle. However, as she is catching up with her trouble-making friend, she starts bragging about how her pouting got her less of a spanking and that it didn't even hurt. Kyle walks in and eavesdrops right behind her unsuspecting head before he turns around, picks up his naughty girlfriend and drapes her back across his knee for another dose of his hand on her bare bottom. However, since it was a repeated punishment, she is told that for the first time this year, she will have to walk to retrieve the wooden spoon that he uses to spank her in serious situations. A very nervous Jennifer walks her bare little butt back to the couch with the spoon, and she is soon brought from joking to near tears as her bare bottom turns CRIMSON RED!

Jennifer Cherry
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