Sammi - Her boredom

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Sammi - Her boredom

Want clip Her boredom featuring Sammi

After discovering her friend wouldn't be showing up for a few hours Sammi wasn't happy. She was looking forward to getting tied up and not sitting around. Surrounded by bondage gear she couldn't help but take matters into her own hands. It all seemed so simple in her head. A magicwand stuffed in her shorts and a few handcuffs to make it interesting and Sammi was in heaven. She was enjoying herself so much that her first orgasm was on her in no time and then, having had her fun, was ready to get out. With the wand keeping her mind distracted she manages to knock her key on the floor. Instantly she sighed to herself knowing she is exactly what she wanted and terrified being stuck alone for hours. Sammi doesn't have long to think about it before her next orgasm takes her mind off her predicament.

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