Rain DeGrey - Daddys little girl part 2

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Rain DeGrey - Daddys little girl part 2

Want clip Daddys little girl part 2 featuring Rain DeGrey

Every hot young slut that does our live feeds anticipates the part where she will be vibrated until she cums. Most of them even get an opportunity to enjoy it. Not Rain DeGrey. We gave her the most intense vibrator in the world, a sybian, and sat her right down on top of it, but before we turned it on we had to make sure she was ready. Her arms are pulled back into a brutal strappado so that she can't take her weight off of her clit. Her tits are tied off at first to increase their sensitivity, then later castration bands are put around her nipples to turn it up even more. She is blindfolded and face fucked, and the whole time the motor doesn't stop buzzing.

Rain DeGrey
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