She is helplessly strung up inside cage by Naomi Swann

06 Aug 2023
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Gorgeous Naomi Swann's upper body is bound tightly with silky nylon rope including a nice snug crotchrope. A leather head harness ballgag is strapped between her sexy lips and then she is helped through the small door into the cage. Once inside she is tied into place with more rope. Her boots are anchord to the front and back of the cage, as well as her knees, and her crotchrope is pulled tight and attached up to the front of the cage. She is now helplessly strung up inside! Shiny isn't quite done yet.. The cage is held up by chains to an electric winch, and with the press of a button, the cage hoists up into the air and is now swinging free with poor Naomi helplessly bound inside! Shiny swings her back and forth, pulling on her crotchrope and groping her through the bars.