She Gags on Powerball Tension as Friend Tapes Her to Chair

13 Nov 2023
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Genevieve has a serious problem with lotto addiction that has driven her to steal the winning ticket of her friend. As a lesson, he has taped her tightly to a chair and placed a huge ball in her mouth to gag her. She struggles to free herself, but to no avail. Her struggles, however, are useless as the ball in her mouth muffles her cries for help. Her drool drips down her chin and seeps through the cocoon of tape that binds her. When her friend returns, he reveals his plan to make her suffer for the rest of the night as the power ball is drawn. She watches in misery as the drawing is held, and the fateful number is called. She realizes that she will be taped to the chair for hours equal to the power ball drawn. Her friend gags her severely, stuffing her mouth with a tight pantyhose hood, cleave gagging her with electrical tape, and finally wrapping her entire head in medical bandages. Before leaving, he encases her entire head in tape. Genevieve hopes her friend is only joking when he says he's leaving, but the sound of the closing door leaves her in doubt. She remains taped to the chair, moaning and straining against her bondage, uncertain of what the future holds.