Obsessing over Women's Long Legs in Tight Pantyhose

05 Nov 2023
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Veruca James offers an innovative therapy for your obsession with "women's long legs encased in tight stockings". While lying on her couch, she introduces you to her sexy feet, her high heels dangling off her toes, just barely hanging on. As she starts rubbing her long, confined legs in front of your face, she takes off her high heels, explaining that indulging in the sensation might help you release your repressed desires. As she starts rubbing your cock with her foot tightly kept in her pantyhose, she tells you to take off your pants and relax, so that her treatment can fully take effect. Her pantyhose feel warm and soft, while her cute little toes glide softly against your shaft. Her feet are loving your cock, giving it sweet little kisses with her toes. As you give in fully to Veruca's treatment, you explode all over her feet, her long, delicate legs, and of course, her skin-tight pantyhose. She rubs her toes on you, showing you how cum covered her beautiful feet are. Veruca wants to help you "release" your obsession with and on her, through a unique therapy that only she can provide.