Foot servant: Cleanse her filthy soles and obey her commands

27 Dec 2023
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In this role, you become a devoted servant to Princess Ivory, solely dedicated to the task of cleaning her immaculate feet. She desires your unwavering enthusiasm and eagerness to worship her filthy soles at all times. Any deviation from this expectation renders you unworthy of her pristine feet in your face. You should feel grateful when she returns home with soiled feet for you to serve, as it is a privilege bestowed upon you. You are nothing more than her possession, her pet, and the collar around your neck serves as a constant reminder of her dominance over you. Your sole purpose is to follow her commands, as disobedience will result in your removal from her presence. Even the slightest erection could hinder your ability to meticulously cleanse her toes, which is a grave offense that will never be tolerated. If you fail to properly tongue scrub her toes, you will never be in her presence again. With numerous foot fetishists waiting in the wings, you must work diligently to maintain your position as her loyal foot cleaning pet.