Time To Breathe - Elise Graves - BondageLiberation

22 Sep 2021
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Time To Breathe - Elise Graves - BondageLiberation

Holy, this complete control set up is pretty serious. First, my breasts trussed up with electrical clamps, next my arms and feet are tightly plastic wrapped to the dental chair. After that, my mouth is tightly taped up, leaving only my nose to breathe through. Then the fun begins! Air control aficionado and new play friend, Dart_Tech (with the help of Serious Bondage Mark) has created some software that electronically opens and closes a motorized valve which allows air to pass (or not) to my c-pap mask. In this particular case, the settings are ten seconds open and ten seconds closed.

Keywords: BDSM, Maledom, Slavegirl, Slave Training, Asphyxiation, Breath play, Electric shocks, Medical fetish, Tits torture, Taped
Starring: Elise Graves
Maker: BondageLiberation

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