Arielle Aquinas - The Gamble - ShinyBound

15 Jul 2022
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Arielle Aquinas - The Gamble - ShinyBound

Sexy Arielle Aquinas feeling rather confident on her poker hand, agrees to an afternoon in bondage if she loses.. "How is that even possible?!" she exclaims when he shows her his winning hand. He smiles and leads her upstairs where he ties her up in a spread strappado and ballgags her. He grabs a wand vibrator and begins to tease her with it. At first she protests, but as the vibrations hit the right spots.. She eases into and begins to enjoy her predicament.. So much so, that when he takes the vibrator away, she complains until he puts it back. He runs the vibe over her crotch in a circular motion, working her towards a big orgasm. She moans and drools over her gag and then cums hard! She thinks he will release her now, but the agreement was for the ENTIRE afternoon. Re unties her for a moment, but re-ties her in a tight hogtie. He leaves her like that and she whines to be released. Once again he grabs the vibrator and works her into agreement.. This time tho, he leaves it there buzzing on the floor beneath her and leaves her there to suffer her torment.

Keywords: Maledom, Ballgagged, Boots-bondage, Forced orgasm, Struggling
Starring: Arielle Aquinas
Maker: ShinyBound

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