Her mouth taped up and hands tied behind by GiGi Lynn

29 Jul 2023
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Sexy Milf Gigi is trying to get some office work done and happens to catch the attention of the perverted pool guy who is cleaning her pool outside. He creepily watches her through her window as she works. She slowly opens the door and slides inside, being careful to be as silent as possible. He tiptoes over and grabs her while she is not paying attention! He quickly puts his hand over her mouth and drags her away before she can make a sound! With her mouth taped up and her hands tied behind her, he grabs more rope and ties her into a tight crotch roped hogtie (onscreen). Poor Gigi squirms and moans trying to escape her captor! He smiles and gropes and fondles her helpless body.. After he has had his fun, he leaves her there. He knows her husband will be home from work soon. He only wishes he could be a fly on the wall when her husband walks in the door and finds her all neatly hogtied and rolling around on the ground.