Dakkota Grey - Rugged rope trial

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Dakkota Grey - Rugged rope trial

Want clip Rugged rope trial featuring Dakkota Grey

My friend ILRB has some VERY creative ways of paying off when he loses a bet, and I'll admit, the rolled up rug at our feet has my attention, especially the way it keeps slightly squirming. Add in the tiny muffled sounds coming from inside of it, and you can bet my curiosity is well piqued! When I unroll the rug with a kick to find a luscious blonde bound and gagged inside, I'm utterly delighted! ILRB leaves the girl for me, and his debts paid in full, he heads off for the night. That leaves me with a struggling, squirming, mewling girl who can only listen wide eyed and despairingly as I explain how she's going to spend the night! Soon, she's bound in a tight little ball, a crotch rope snuggling itself up very tightly against her pussy as she tries her best to right herself or preserve her modesty! Of course, with even her toes tied together, she'd going to lose that battle!

Dakkota Grey
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