Dahlia from Hogtie and pull her feet back into a tight arch

21 Sep 2023
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Dahlia is a stunningly pretty young thing. In fact, I'd say she looks as good as gold: a tight, form fitting gold catsuit to be exact! Of course, every outfit needs accessories, so we've highlighted her sexy curves and amazing mouth with just a bit of red in the form of tight red ropes and a jaw stretching red ball gag! She certainly doesn't appreciate our fashion sense, struggling and mewling to free herself, but that is NOT going to happen! She is quite disturbed when I slowly slide the zipper of the suit down to expose her fabulous, all natural tits, and she's downright miserable when I swap her ball for a harness gag, hogtie her, and pull her feet back into a tight arch with her poor little head as the anchor point! She struggles furiously, pulling her body into some amazing arches, but it's all for naught. I've made quite an investment in my little golden beauty, and I plan on keeping her just like this while I watch it appreciate in value!