Green Bikini Tied: Mine to Control

26 Jan 2024
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As I gaze upon Safa's captivating figure in her alluring green bikini, I can't help but feel a twinge of envy as she basks in the sun and flirts with every passerby at the beach. But my jealousy is short-lived as I devise an ingenious plan to keep her all to myself. I bind her tight with ropes, muffling her protests with a mouth-filling ball gag, and watch as she struggles and drools around it. I take pleasure in admiring her luscious curves, from her heaving chest to her round, inviting hips, as she lies immobile in a brutal ball tie. Her futile attempts to free herself only serve to highlight her vulnerability, leaving her at my mercy. I can't resist the temptation to strip off her bottoms and leave her exposed, but for now, I'll enjoy the sight of her luscious body at my disposal - bound, gagged, and completely at my mercy.