Ava Minx - Divorce

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Ava Minx - Divorce

Want clip Divorce featuring Ava Minx

Ava has grown bored with her husband, and demands a divorce. Not only is he hurt by her request, he's insulted by her demands: She wants half of everything, she wants the car, she wants the house, and she wants him gone immediately! He decides to take matters into his own hands by "negotiating" a settlement a bit more to his own liking! After an unexpected afternoon nap, Ava groggily returns to consciousness to find herself tightly lashed to a chair, her mouth filled with a fat ball gag to stifle her cries! Confused, she tests her bonds and cautiously calls for help, but soon realizes she is in a VERY bad situation! She thrashes and strains against the ropes, her big boobs straining against her blouse and her bonds, but there is no slack to be found.

Ava Minx
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