She Captured in Black Leather, Bound and Gagged for a Man's Perverted Pleasures

27 Oct 2023
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With her black leather pants and satin blouse cinched up in a crop top, Gigi Lynn enters her bedroom to investigate some strange noises. As she searches for the source, a strong man suddenly grabs her from behind and pins her arms together, cinching her elbows tightly and adding a tight chest harness that makes her tits look enormous. Despite her pleas and cries for release, the brute shoves a big ballgag between her lips, silencing her, and begins to grope and fondle her breasts. Sobbing into her gag, he then undoes her blouse and pulls down her pants to expose her red panties, attaching a vibrator and turning it on high. Before walking out, he binds her ankles, knees, and thighs tightly together, leaving her helplessly bound and gagged as she orgasms over and over again.