JJ Plush - Mouth stuffed with 3 pair of panties

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JJ Plush - Mouth stuffed with 3 pair of panties

Want clip Mouth stuffed with 3 pair of panties featuring JJ Plush

A full figured rich lady has been secured to a pole with duct tape, her captor stuffs her big mouth with three pair of panties and wraps duct tape around her head and to the pole. He tells her that he hadn't planned on taking any other women this night but he saw a cute little streetwalker outside. He leaves JJ to go get her. He brings the pretty woman in by the neck and holds her in front of the one already taped to the pole. He starts to wrap tape around the tiny street walker and the rich lady. He tells them that a potential buyer is coming along later and maybe he will get lucky and sell them both. He stuffs the hookers mouth, wraps tape around her mouth and the other girls mouth and pulls her boobs out of her satin blouse. The two unlucky ladies are stuck to the pole and about to be introduced to a new way of life

JJ Plush
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