Amanda - Assailant returns

12 Feb 2023
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Amanda - Assailant returns

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Just when she thought the crazy man who tied her up in a closet was out of her life for good, he escapes from prison and returns to the safe house where she has been hiding to exact his revenge! Caught from behind and handgagged, she "mmmmppphs" and struggles as he details his plans for her! She's rooughly dragged into the next room and chloroformed, then bound with electrical tape, gagged and wrapped up tight in a blanket before being spirited away to the perfect hiding place: Her OLD Apartment! Taped to a chair and cleave gagged, she tries to free herself, but it's no use. Knocked out yet again, she awakes to find herself stripped to bra, panties and pantyhose and tied spread eagled to the bed! Her captor returns to gag her with a nice red rubber ball that he straps tightly into her mouth as he tells her of his plans: He'll be leaving, but he's inviting a few other escaped cons over to have their way with her! Left alone, the poor girl nearly manages to free herself, but the crazy con returns and fastens her to the bed once more, chloroforming her again for good measure! When she awakes, she'll have some mighty unsavory company!!